An important political issue for me has always been economic policy, particularly the need for lower, simpler taxation, less buerocracy and a general reduction of government influence and regulation in the economy. An important advocate for these issues, particularly within the CDU, is the Mittelstands- und Wirtschaftsvereinigung MIT. For a few years already, I have been active in the local MIT Hochtaunus.

Until recently, I was a member of the CDU for almost 25 years, and during my college years, I was very active in their youth organization, Junge Union.

Bürgeraktion pro Flughafen is a private Initiative supporting a quick expansion of Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport to help Frankfurt maintain its role as a leading European trade and financial center.

Another key area of interest for me in politics is the future of our energy supply. Obstructing nuclear power, in which we were one leading in advanced technologies, and pouring billions over billions into photovoltaics, which contributes next to nothing to our power supply, I see Germany on the completely wrong track.